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Discover the New Generation of Customer Flow Management Systems

Why queues exist?

Ineffective Flow distribution

Staff Inefficiency

Customer Uncertainty

Ineffective Flow distribution and Resource Allocation

The problem of uncertainty is actually double-sided, because both you and your customers don’t have information about the number of customers that are going to visit your branches. Not having this information creates uncertainty in terms of optimized resource allocation within the branch or among other branches. Usually, some branches are overcrowded, while others are not as busy. More importantly physical queues are difficult to manage within available time periods, which, increases the waiting time of customers and reduces the number of customers served during working hours.


Organize branch flow effectively

Earlyone allows you to minimize customer waiting time, track and control the service process, and boost sales.
Our easy to use and smart features will do the job for you:

Information Display
keep your customers informed and adapt the interface to display ticket destinations and currently serving windows

Service Prioritization
decide which service needs a boost in terms of getting customers in and out quicker by bumping up their place in line

Estimated Wait Time
walk in customers will get an estimated waiting time and will be able to leave the branch until their turn comes 

Flexible Forwarding
due to flexible forwarding, now your customers can be directed to other service agents for cross selling purposes. Also, this means that customers will not have to take multiple tickets for different departments

Multi Service selection
every step counts and it is important to keep track of all services that were requested by the customer. With this easy to use function now your staff will be able to add multiple services for one ticket.

Branch Load
Discover average waiting times of branches. Find out branches that are more occupied than others and efficiently allocate the resources 

Staff Inefficiency

In some cases, the serving speed and lack of professional skills may result in long waiting queues. To assure a high service quality, it is important to be able to track the effectiveness of your staff.


Gather! Escalate! Retain!

It is always important for the company to increase its sales and meanwhile optimize costs.
With real-time monitoring and data based evaluation, we will make sure you attract new customers and reach customer service excellence

Online Monitoring
Be aware of what is going on in the branches, while being away. With our real time monitoring tool you can monitor the load of customers in the branch and the level of staff occupancy. More importantly, you can solve problems before they escalate.


Automatic reports

based on our customer needs and feedback we have created numerous reports that will give you an analytical summary based on which you can make both tactical and strategic decisions.

Strategic staff development
Learn about continuous trends and evaluate your staff based on their performance.

Evaluate how your campaigns perform by assessing their demand. Find out about your busy hours and offer special perks for your customers.

Customized Reports
We can create special reports only for your company, so you will provide top-notch customer service.

Improving the service quality is an ongoing process intending to retain customers’ loyalty. We will create a bridge between you and your customers, so your customers’ opinion is always heard.


Easily customize questions, ask your walk-in customers, get auto generated reports and use them for market research and decision making

Instant Feedback 

Either on-sight or through mobile collect instant rating, get the full picture of your customer’s experience and continue improving


Customer Uncertainty

Your customers usually do not have information about the level of occupancy of your branches. Customers normally find out about the occupancy of a branch after they arrive. What’s worse is when your customers wait without knowing when they are going to be served. Hence, the lack of information creates uncertainty. In order to solve this problem, we created a solution that will connect you and your customers and will save time spent in long queues/lines.

Connect with your customers through Earlyone Mobile Application

Earlyone Mobile Application lets your customers book their place in the queue beforehand and be served at their desired time without waiting.

Earlyone Mobile Platform gives you and your customers

Online booking platform

with our Mobile application your customers are able to remotely book their place in a queue and be served without waiting

Time Estimation
our optimized smart system comes up with the nearest available time, if your customers’ desired time is already booked

we let your customers know the branches nearest to them as additional information providing added value.   

Every step that you make to connect with your customers intends to increase their satisfaction level. Either on sight or through mobile, we make sure that you provide best-in-class customer service.

Additional features that will keep your customers engaged and you satisfied

Voice Calling
this keeps your customers more engaged and alert in order not to miss their turn.


Digital Signage
the information on the monitor can be tailored to engage, advertise certain products to your customers while waiting

Currency Exchange Table
Display an exchange rate table on the information monitor for any currency in the world 


Ticket Customization
incorporate branding elements, good-day wishes, logos, and other information to customize tickets

EASY to Implement & Use

Get started right away

We provide a complex solution that includes everything you need to make your customer experience even better.

Secure your information

Earlyone does not request or store personal data of your customers.

Remote support 

Due to our cloud servers, there is no need for on sight support.
Our professionals will be with you anytime you need them.

Centralized Server

Earlyone includes the system software with centralized flow distribution and uses the latest Microsoft Azure technology for fast and easy implementation. Also, you can rotate your staff across the branches and don’t worry about additional installations.

Upgrade your existing solution /
No additional investments 

Do you already own a queue management system?
We will examine your existing hardware and will integrate our software with your existing queue management system.


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