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A technological solution for the most technologically savvy businesses. Eliminate queues before they even start to build-up. Increase customer satisfaction and create a competitive edge.


Optimize flow distribution

Increase staff efficiency

Raise customer service quality

Drive Sales

In this era, the growth of advanced mobile users leads to higher demands from telecom companies. To meet the demands of your customers, fast and effective service are the main components needed to increase your customer service excellence. With Earlyone customized customer flow management solution, your customer flow will be optimally distributed and allocated between branches and departments, advancing the speed of your provided service. With our online staff monitoring tool you will be able to measure, analyze and manage your staff, understand the weak points of your service, and raise customer service quality with our reporting extension. Earlyone provides digital signage extension, which will become a new channel for your marketing campaigns. Due to recent trends of providing shop services in telecom companies, Earlyone has developed a new customer flow management solution, which will increase customer satisfaction level and drive sales in telecom retail stores as well.